Monday, August 30, 2010

After a dream dissolves into life.

After we slid and huddled into the taxi leaving Quito very early this morning, I looked out the window to take in the end of this journey. A sudden heartache and emotional swell passed through me as I realized that I would have to come back and see more, experience more and that is never enough. There are so many places to see. So many places that I want to dream of, sense, and let enter through the left open windows of my center.

Thoughts of all the things we didn't do tried to ruin the moment for me but I would turn to my husband, my friend, and the other traveler who helped keep me whole, grounded, and he would remind me of all we have experienced and that we can return if we really want to again.

I thought of the future in Baltimore and the people I love so much and that made me antsy for it all now. I thought of the hunger I would always feel if I didn't live. I thought of all the things that we would miss and the things I looked forward to. It all added up to the fact that I am super freaking lucky. And I did it. I made a dream happen.

I thought about the volcanos I didn't see because they were covered in mist and fog and cloud. And for our final departure I was blessed with a bird's eye view of three peaks bursting from the earth to the sky. All it took was an early, early morning and a beautiful sunrise rolling up and over the earth and across the equator for us to see three feirce custodians of the past, present, and future. The mouths of Pachamama; a kiss of fire that could still spurt its intensity regardless of how the people below regard their fortune.

Those volcanos stood like brothers and sisters dreaming of what they will become and I witnessed my own dream dissolve in the wake of their majestic calm.

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